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ForeverSilky - South Africa's Best Laser Hair Removal Machine Ever Developed

Leave the worries of daily waxing, shaving, painful epilating, and plucking. With ForeverSilky, you have a guarantee of long-lasting and effective results in the comfort of your own home.

Powerfull At Home Laser Hair Removal Solution

Satisfied Customers

Now, it is my favorite product because it is fast, effective, and does no harm. || It is very easy to use. You just need to plug in the device, press the button, and you are good to go. || This machine just amazing. There is no more time wastage in the morning due to body hair removal. || It was very difficult to remove body hairs before this device. || I was fortunate to found the ForeverSilky product last year. Extremely cost effective and both me and my partner can use it.

The best and most innovative IPL laser Hair removal device ever developed by ForeverSilky



It came very fast. Two days and I had the package. I have plugged it in and it works well. It has an ergonomic design and extremely comfortable to use and hardly weighs anything. The device comes with a razor as well as protective glasses. I had a couple of questions which I emailed to them and they answered them all within a couple of hours. So far I have had no problems. I will wait for 3 months and then provide a second review.

Shaun - Klerksdorp

I ordered this ForeverSilky device for my wife(and myself as I got a hairy back). My wife visits a laser hair removal clinic every month, which is really expensive. So I decided to purchase this laser machine for her. Now she does not have to go to the clinic on a monthly basis because she can use it at home. I am really impressed by the sleek design of the machine and how easy it is to use. Not quite sure why people still visit hair removal clinics if they can just buy the laser hair removal machine and use it at home.

Richard - Johannesburg

I use the ForeverSilky device for the last three months. For the first three months, I used it twice a week as per the instruction manual. I started at level 3 and after 2 weeks move to level 5. I experience no pain or any discomfort(I am known to be a bit of a baby). I make use of the device on my legs as well as my underarms. I give the device 4 stars of out 5. All the hair under my arms is gone and 90% of the hair on my legs is gone. I have spoken to my hubby and we gonna try it on its stomach next. I will complete the review in the next two months.

Lizel - Durban

10 Reasons why you should buy the ForeverSilky Hair Removal machine?

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Get rid of unwanted body hair in 3 EASY steps

Step 1: Getting Started

1. Select the part of the body where you want to perform laser hair removal.

2. To get optimal results, you need to clean that part of the body.

3. Completely shave the area with care, but please dot not wax, pluck, or epilate.

4. ForeverSilky Hair Removal works on hair follicles, so if you remove the hair follicle, the laser cannot penetrate the hair follicle and and product becomes ineffective.

Step 2 - Select your Treatment Level

When you are done cleaning and shaving the area, it is time to choose the treatment level.

There are 5 energy levels of this device.

1 = lowest / 5 = highest.

Select your level.

If you are a first-time user, it is advisable to start on the lowest level or setting and then increase it gradually according to your personal needs. When you become compatible with the selected level, you can increase the power setting if you want.

Step 3: Start the machine and and begin.

Put on the protective glasses.

Start the device by clicking the power button.

Now, the device should be on a 90-degree angle with your skin, then start the treatment.

It is recommended to use it in a circular motion and do not go over the same area repeatedly.

Treatment of the desired body part must be done twice a week.

If you using the device in the correct manner, you should start seeing results within 2 - 3 months.

Powerfull At Home Laser Hair Removal Solution

Results Will Be Visible Within 2 - 3 Months


Use Our New IPL Technology For Permanent Hair Removal


Am I able to use the ForeverSilky Machine?

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ForeverSilky is the Best Laser Removal Device for At-Home Use

It’s important to know that it isn’t safe to use any of those hair removal approaches in sensitive areas like the groin or face. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in ForeverSilky. Dermatologists trust IPL laser treatments as the most effective and safest way to remove unwanted hair. It is also seen as the most natural approach to removing unwanted hair. Using an IPL machine like ForeverSilky, you are able to eradicate the hair follicles while also avoiding the side effects of these other approaches.