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Laser Hair Removal Machine Question - Is Laser Hair Removal Machines Safe?

Yes, laser hair removal machines are perfectly safe to use. IPL laser technology has been around commercially for over 40 years. Also, laser hair removal machines have been deemed safe by board-certified dermatologists and skin specialists. The laser machines are not a new concept and are safe to use at home.


These laser hair removal machines are rather popular among people that would like to remove hair from their skin while still at home. Why would you leave the house if you can do it all at home? Men shave daily. In most cases, men shave daily. As a guy, I would not want to visit a barber every day of my life. So why not use laser hair removal at home.  In essence, it's the same thing.


If you want to experience the benefits of laser hair removal in the comfort of your home, you can purchase a laser hair removal device.

One of the most asked questions we receive is about the safety of hair removal devices.

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How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that removes unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive medical procedure.

You do not have to make any cuts or incisions on the skin.  Both males and females can undergo this procedure.

Laser hair removal uses a device that emits a flash. The heat from the flash penetrates the skin and heats the hair follicle.  Heat destroys the hair follicle, and the hair stops growing and falls out. This process is called photothermolysis.

Hair follicles have various growth stages. A single hair strain has to be in the anagen growth stage for this procedure to work.  This is why you need multiple laser hair removal procedures over eight weeks for this procedure to work.

Is it safe to use a laser hair removal machine or device?

There are numerous laser hair removal machines available for purchase on the internet or at skin clinics. In general, these laser hair removal machines are safe for you to use. We mentioned before, numerous studies have shown that laser hair removal machines are deemed safe and well-tolerated by the user.

However, it is better if you stick to the best laser hair removal machines. This is important because if you don't you will not get the best results. 

laser hair removal machine comes equipped with a powerful laser. This laser is calibrated to deliver positive results in terms of hair removal. 


We have to note that it will not be a completely painless experience. You may have to deal with some minor discomfort. Some have noted that it feels like a rubber band flicking your skin. That said, studies have shown that 91% of users don't experience any kind of pain whatsoever. 


However, you will be able to get rid of unwanted hair without going through any struggles as you use the laser hair removal machine.

Even if you are using a laser hair removal machine for the first time, you do not have to worry that it may hurt you. That is because laser hair removal machines have been designed to not cause harm or lead to serious injuries. The only injury you may receive would be the bottom line. Buying an inferior device that does not work will hurt your bank balance. This is why it is important to only opt for the best and most used devices like our own ForeverSilky device. 

 Is Laser Hair Removal Machines Safe

Let us do some research

Before you do anything, you need to know that laser hair removal at home is not for everybody. Dermatologist like Dr. Walters has noted that At-Home laser hair devices are 99% of the time safe. It is a great alternative to other hair removal methods like waxing, shaving, and plucking. 

Dr. Walter continues, "most laser at-home laser hair removal devices are not "laser hair removal devices" but is called an IPL device. IPL stands for Intence Pulse light which is similar to laser light just a bit different in wavelength. IPL is also absorbed by the melanin pigments in the hair.  The repeated IPL heat destroys the hair follicle and the hair falls out.  This method ultimately decreases or permanently destroys the hair and it does not grow back.

Is laser hair removal cancerous?

Probably the biggest myth out there. Can laser hair removal cause cancer? The answer is a definite NO.

Certain types of cancer are treated by certain lasers.
According to the skincare foundation, lasers are sometimes used to treat certain forms of precancerous lesions. Other laser devices treat sun damage as well wrinkles.  Laser hair removal does not cause any kind of cancer.  Both males and females have been using laser hair removal as a method to remove hair for over 50 years. 

According to Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist from New York City have noted that the light energy used by this kind of laser is superficial. The light does not penetrate past the skin. IPL or lasers do not cause any kind of DNA mutations or damage. The devices do not penetrate deep into the body. They have been designed to only penetrate the first layer of the skin, heat the hair follicle, and destroy the hair follicle in the process. This includes all areas of the body, including the female and male reproductive organs. An at-home laser hair removal is perfectly safe to use all over to body (except near the eyes).


All research done in the last 50 years has shown that the light from a laser hair removal machine does not penetrate further than the skin. And that no internal organs get affected, including the reproductive organs.  


Is it permanent?

Yes and no. Yes, it removes hair for long periods and in some cases, permanently removes hair and never grows back. But for most, it is considered semi-permanent.  An at-home device uses the same technology that those used in-office laser treatment (like clinics and spas).

The at-home device is the same as a device you would use at the clinic. The only difference is speed and power.  The at-home device uses lower energy settings than an in-clinic treatment. 

The big difference is the price. The IPL at-home device costs a fraction of the cost an in-office clinic device would cost. Also, you can use the at-home device anytime you want and it not going to cost you anything.

Who can buy and use a laser hair removal machines?

It is important to be mindful of your skin color and the color of your hair before you use a laser hair removal machine.

If you are a person who has dark hair on light-colored skin, you are an ideal candidate for laser hair removal. You will be able to use laser technology and get the results.

People with ultra-dark skin, red or white hair should avoid laser hair removal.  Those with ultra-light hair(bleach hair) do not have melanin in their hair. IPL laser technology needs melanin to absorb the light from the IPL device.  The same applies to those with red hair to grey hair.

If you have blonde hair follicles it will work.  It just takes a bit longer.

Who should not purchase laser hair removal machine?

As per our discussion above, if you are a person who doesn’t have the right skin tone and hair type, you should not use a laser hair removal machine.

What body parts should you avoid when using laser hair removal technology?

In the first lesson, do not use the machine near your eyes.  If you are targeting your face, you should use laser hair removal sunglasses. Also, close your eyes when using the device near your eyes.  You can use the device on your upper lip or chin. So it is vitally important to ensure that your eyes are well-protected.

Do not use the laser machine on your eyebrows. Avoid this area, as it is near the eyes as well as it will not remove hair.

You should not use a laser hair removal machine over tattoos or any other pigmented area in your skin. This includes moles and skin lesions.  

Is Laser hair removal painful?

You should set up realistic expectations before you start using a laser hair removal machine.  Before starting you should know that 7% of users find the flashing light painful. Only about 0.5% of users said that this pain is not bearable. If you believe that you are one of those people, please take a pain killer before using the device. By ingesting a pain killer an hour before you can avoid any kind of pain.

The ForeverSilky device has five power settings. Using the power settings you will be able to minimise the power output and avoid any unnecessary pain.  You can also make sure that such a laser hair removal machine is in a position to reduce the risk of side effects that you will have to face as well.

Are there any side effects of using a laser hair removal machine?

Not all people who use laser hair removal machines will get side effects. Most people do not experience any side effects. If you you suffer from side effects, you should read the rest of this article.

The most common side effects that you may have to face after using a laser hair removal machine include burns, blisters, and infections. These are minor side effects, and they will disappear within 48 hours.

Some users have noted that they may feel like they have been in the sun. We suggest avoiding the sun for a day or two after using the ForeverSilky Machine.

If you feel that you may have burned yourself, we suggest that you ice the area immediately after your treatment session. Dr. Bowe noted that you can also take ibuprofen. This will decrease any swelling or bruising.  If the swelling continues for more than 24 hours, we suggest that you contact your doctor.

Final words

As you can see, laser hair removal machines are safe. You can go ahead and purchase a laser hair removal machine and continue to use it without keeping any doubts in mind.

Article Medically reviewed by: Jonathan Lee, M.D (Dermatologist)