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Why do I need to shave before using a laser hair removal device?

For this article we explain why you need to shave before you use the laser hair removal machine. First, laser hair removal is a procedure undertaken to reduce or completely halt the growth of unwanted hair on the body.

It works by exposing hair follicles to a laser light that destroys the follicles. The unwanted hair follicles are specifically targeted by the laser light at certain pulses. The goal is to only damage the unwanted hair follicle without damaging the skin.

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This particular method of hair removal has been around since 1997 when it was approved the first time for commercial use. Since then, laser hair removal has become renowned for the speed with which it works, and how effective the treatment is, especially when the laser hair removal device is as powerful as our ForeverSilky device.

People that have undergone laser hair removal have lauded it for its noticeably longer duration of effects, although multiple treatments are required for some skin types to enjoy long-term reduction of hair. While laser hair removal can be scary to some, it is really safe and as well as effective.

If you’ve always wanted to have silky smooth skin all year, one that’s free of hair and free of waxing and shaving, lasers are your best option. Going the laser hair removal route helps reduce how frequently you would have to shave. In most cases, laser hair removal removes the unwanted hair long-term.

Before undergoing a procedure like laser treatment, it is pertinent that the one seeking the treatment is knowledgeable about the procedure and its requirements. This is where a bit of research comes in; you need to gobble up as much information about the procedure as you can before undergoing it.

You need to learn the specific details and reported effects of this hair removal technique to be sure if that is what you want. This technique has some other benefits it provides beyond long-term hair removal.

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Shaving & Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal has some dos that must be completed before undergoing the treatment. These dos are a basic requirement to enjoy hassle-free (and effective) treatment. One such requirement is shaving before a laser hair removal session.
Several people wonder why it is advisable to shave before undergoing a procedure that’s supposed to eliminate those same hairs. It’s easy to wonder why you need to shave before using a hair removal device? 

This pre-procedure shaving is a must-do that can’t be skipped.  Shaving before undergoing laser hair removal not only eliminates some of the risk associated with this procedure, it also helps maximize the results of the treatment itself. The procedure is meant to heat up hair follicles, and works best when there are no interruptions. Unshaven hair is just that; unwanted interruptions that could cause setbacks during the procedure.

The pulse of the laser could heat up the whole hair, increasing the risk of burns. There’s an increased risk of scarring and burns during the procedure when unshaven hair is a part of the procedure. We have found that not shaving can certainly cause a decline in the effectiveness of laser hair removal.

We also advise that you should only be shaving and not use any of the other hair removal treatment like sugaring or waxing. These other hair removal methods remove all the hair below the skin as well on the skin.  If there is no hair left, the device cannot work as no hair can absorb the light.

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When is the right time to shave?

Now that we’ve established that you have to shave before undergoing laser hair removal, next you need to learn the right time to shave before you undergo the procedure. Should it be after you’ve undergone the procedure (quite pointless to me at the end of the day) or before the treatment.

We advise that you give yourself 24 hours before a removal session. This is the recommended time to shave, it gives your skin enough time to heal from any scratches you might have gotten from shaving. You would have to shave that part of the body each time you want to make use of the ForeverSilky device.

How to shave before performing laser hair removal?

Laser heats up your skin and hair below the skin as a way of getting rid of those unwanted hairs. Skin tends to break when not well shaven and this could lead to complications during the procedure. So, shaving carefully is the best thing to do.

You should moisturize your skin before shaving

The first thing to do while shaving before a laser hair removal, is to moisturize the skin you want to shave. This moisture is necessary because shaving causes skin to become dry. This dryness is bad news for the laser hair, as it leads to complications after the procedure.

Dry skin that undergoes laser treatment could become irritated and uncomfortable after laser hair removal. This is why moisturizing your skin before shaving is extremely important.

You should take your time

After you’ve moisturized your skin properly, next thing to do is be sure you’re not in a rush while shaving. Being in a rush while doing something so delicate is bad news, and this is even truer for shaving. You need to take your time while shaving to avoid scrapes and cuts that would complicate the laser procedure.

Laser cannot be used over broken skin so having areas with cuts on your skin means you’ll have untreated spots on your skin during the procedure. The shave you have before your laser appointment should be one of the slowest you’ve ever had, and for good reason.

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Use Light Pressure When You Shave

It is also important that you do not apply a lot of pressure with the shaving razor. Light pressure is the way to go to avoid unwanted results. The key is using a fresh razor that cuts where you want once, without having to go over the same spot twice, as this could tempt you to use more pressure.

A fresh razor will also not have the bacteria buildup that an old one has, and will not cause reactions on your skin. Skin reactions are a big reason why many laser hair removal appointments are postponed, and a fresh razor with light pressure help you avoid this.

Shave on Time

We’ve already mentioned that 24 hours before the procedure is the best time to shave. It is important that you shave within this time frame. Shaving earlier than 24 hours before is bad news because some of the hair could grow back when you shave too soon.

Shaving too close to the time of your appointment is also not advised. Just ensure you shave exactly a day before your laser appointment.

Shaving off hair in areas of your body that you’re about to have laser hair removal on is essential. This is because unshaved hair during the procedure might be burned by the laser light, and would be very uncomfortable and itchy for you. So, shaving 24 hours before laser hair removal is the best way to avoid complications during the procedure.